My "Island" friends loved the snow... hated the snowboard!  So I traded, feeling a little guilty giving A first-time 100 lb. girl DIN settings of 9.5 BUT then I rembered the "DIN" on the snowboard she just passed me... even trade in my book...we kept to the greens and had a great day...  But it is a little over two hours.. still a long way from here.  Conditions are great, they are like 75% open.  Anything with snow making is open, conditions groomed, pack, but excellent coverage.  Crowded on the greens on a holiday saturday, But then again I wasn't expecting the power line. and expensive, discount pre-season rate of $52 ouch... (they also rented a pair of skiis and a board, which, as caught on film, I used.. They let us exchange the board for skiis 1/2 way throught the day..)

Talk soon... Tom