Alpental (The Summit @ Snoqualmie)
31 December 2000

Scott Robinson and I headed up to Alpental for the first time in the 2000-2001
ski season.  It was raining pretty hard all night and continued to rain a bit in
the morning so we were a bit hesitant when we headed out.  However, once we got
near the Summit the rain turned to snow.  There was about 2-4 inches of snow in
the parking lot.

We took the Armstrong's Express Quad with hopes of getting on Chair 2.  Chair 2,
however, was not open yet so we headed down Debbie's Gold.  Conditions on this
run weren't bad - a few inches of pow over groomed snow with "ice" in spots.
Towards the bottom we went through a small mogul field and found plenty of ice.
This would be a sign of what was to come.  We took the Quad again and with Chair
2 still being closed we took the Cascade Traverse to get over to the Sessel
Chair.  The traverse was no picnic.  Extremely icy and tough going.  We dropped
into Dom and slowly made our way down the sheets of ice.

Things were much better on Sessel so Scott and I decided to stay there.  The
lines we no existent and it was still snowing so we had some pretty nice
conditions.  Scott and I took this opportunity to work on our form (Scott on his
teles).  Even better, Scott found a jump about half way down Sessel.  It was
like the old days at Bolton Valley - icy conditions, short runs, Scott and I
hitting jumps.

We left at about 1:30 and grabbed at beer by the fire at the North Bend Bar &
Grill.  Later that night, a bunch of us met at Scott's to have dinner and view
"Tracked Up" (Jay & Erica Silveira's ski movie - it was a hit).