Anyway, we just spent a week at Big White, in B.C..  It was just awesome.
We rented a condo that was ski in- ski out, right from our deck.  The whole
village is built in the middle of the ski hill, so several trails wrap in
and out through the village.

Day 1 -- Socked in by a cloud, so the boys went skiing while I did the girl
thing -- shopping, coffee, etc.

The rest of the week -- Clear blue sky, T-shirt weather, unbelievable

We would ski together all morning, come in for lunch, and then while Cooper
was napping, Jon and I took turns going out alone. Then we would finish off
the afternoon together, followed by whatever was going on that night.   Then
on the third day, Cooper wanted to know where we went without him.  We
pointed out the mogul runs and he said he wanted to ski that too.  We
nervously took him over there, and he just floored us.  His little legs were
like rubber.  Jon would pick a line, and Cooper would follow right where Jon
had gone.  No fear at all.  So then we taught him about tree skiing, and he
thought that was the about the coolest thing  ever.  And every night there
were tons of things to do.  The tube park was amazing, with 3 lifts and
probably 20 runs.  Dogsledding, skating, sleigh rides, snowmoblies, and
different kids programs every night.  Way too much to do in a week.  So of
course, we wound up at the real estate office.  We would love to buy there,
but it is just too hard to get to.  The drive is long        (10 hrs) and
the only road through the mountains is just insane.  So we would have to
fly, and rent cars every time. So I guess we are back to looking in fernie.