Well - actually we did not bring a camera to Crystal yesterday, but we should have. To distract you from our camera oversight here are a few pictures from a party later in the day.

Super sweet stashes of powder off the Green Valley Chair throughout the morning. Hard left traverse under the chair to skiers left found a bunch of VERY nice glades and open areas - higher speed deep powder runs. Lots of face shots, face plants, stop drop and rolling, falling off things and other superb skiing stuff.

NOTE 1 - No matter how hard and perfect you rip up a run through upper thigh to waist deep powder it still hurts when you get to the flat below and somehow drop a ski still at high speeds, go over the tips, auger in head first, pack your goggles full of snow (now down around your neck) and pack your throat with a cork of fresh powder (that would be twice also, once on the first rotation and once on the second). Don't get me wrong, I am used to it - just reminding all of you that may have forgotten.

NOTE 2 - Blasting for snow control is not that abnormal out here but it always make you stop and listen when it is followed by the low roar of a serious sized avalanche. Something kind of primal there, it doesn't kick in a full "Fight or Flight" response but definitely something there that grabs your attention.

Surprisingly excellent snow conditions again out here early season. Bly and I tried our best to "Your ruining the snow", and did pretty damn well if I say so myself.