Cyprus Ski Report, Sunday, January 11th, 2004 - Rolandos Constantinides

I still haven't managed a ski trip this year, but without realizing it this
season seems to be the best for skiing here since I was a UVM student!
Although we didn't have any really major dumps, there has been a succesion
of storms that have been dropping 4-8 inches on the slopes. The first storms
occured in mid-December, and the beginner's lift of the mountain (Sun
Valley1, Aphrodite) has been in continuous operation since December 20. This
was the earliest opening day in several years. By January 5, all lifts had
been operating, and it is the first time that all lifts operate this early
since 1994! (The North Face slopes need a quite a bit of base to be safely
skiable). This morning report indicates a base of 80cm at North Face, but it
has been snowing heavily and since that report was issued another 20cm of
snow has accumulated according to the National Radio. Unfortunately I cannot
go today as I work nightshift. Also, several people who attempted to go for
day tripping there have been trapped and the police has closed all roads to
the area in an attempt to control the situation (most Cypriots are not used
to driving in blizzards!). If all goes well I might manage a trip on

I have to admit that I really feel the urge to go there! On Thursdsay I took my
skis to the tower and during my rest period I waxed them in anticipation!
Needless to say I couldn't really resist the temptation to actually put them
on and "ski" on the tower's carpet! Thanks to the digital camera I include a
picture of this! On yesterday's day shift I also took a picture of the
mountains as seen from the tower. What you can see is the southwestern
aspect, the ski area is on the other side below the radar dome. The snow
extends to an altitude of 4000ft as seen in the picture...

I also include the "official" website for the Cyprus Ski Club, which
includes a road report, "piste" report, and a webcam mounted in the
cafeteria below the North Face. Today's pictures are not great due to the
weather, but it shows lots of snow and a lack of skiers!

Tonight I plan to take with me your two previous videos to watch during my
rest (hopefully I will also have a VCR available, unfortunately no DVD is
available there). If all works well, my nightshift tonight will be devoted
to "virtual skiing"!!!!

I will let you know when I manage to have my first ski trip of the season...
In the meantime, enjoy the wonderful powder you get there!

Give my regards to E and the baby!

Bye for now,


PS: The attached files are 640x480 low res jpgs to keep them small...