Arapahoe Basin, CO, Saturday-Sunday 17APR04-18APR04 (Jon Speare)

Kristie and I did that steep camp at A-Basin two
weeks ago. It was pretty good. It was advertised as steep tele-skiing
camp. On their web site the advertised 3 or 4 different 2 day camps
throughout the season. This one was the last one they were offering for
the year. We arrived early to make sure we would get into a class and it
turned out we were the only ones to sign up. So we had 2 instructors all
to ourselves, Stu and Scott. Stu was a younger guy who also was a film
guy for Tough Guy productions. His telemark skiing was not great but he
was good at analyzing form and suggesting improvements. Scott was a
little older. He started teleing in the early 80's on super skinny skis
and cross-country skiing boots. He was a solid and smooth tele skier
that knew a lot about technique and the evolution of tele technique with
all the new equipment. We were a little worried when Scott started out
teaching basically as if we were beginner tele skiers. He quickly moved
along though to more advanced drills all within a ~1200 vertical run. It
worked out well because we were all on the same page about the basic
tele turn. The best part of the day was the fact Stu would videotape
every run so we ended up with a lot of good video to watch over lunch
and then get a better idea on what to work in the afternoon. The
afternoon session worked a lot better as we skied the Pavalincini (sp?)
lift the whole time and were told by Scott that we were outskiing the
instructors even. That made us feel pretty good but we weren't sure if
he was milking us for a tip or something. Anyway, we learned a fair bit
and had lots of video to watch at the end of the day. All in all it was
a good day and I would recommend it to anyone interested although don't
expect to get in to the really steep terrain A-Basin has to offer. I
tried to get them to go up to the east wall which was open but they
didn't seem interested given time restraints or something else. It
really ended up being an advanced on area lesson.