Snowy Range Ski and Recreation Area, WY, Sunday 29FEB04 (Jon Speare)

Thanks for continued LT updates. I wish I had been there with you. We've been pretty dry here too but things have picked up similar to what you've been getting. I skied the tiny Snowy Range ski area 30 miles west of Laramie on Sunday. It was interesting. The best way to sum it up is to say that with 23 runs I skied about 14,000 vertical and maybe 14,000 horizontal feet. Considering they haven't received a ton of snow and it's been sunny for a while the snow was in good shape. I think it tends to stay fairly cold up there and it's mostly north facing. They have a few quick steep shots that keep it interesting but it is a small place. They just built a new lodge which is nice. The other one burned down last year.