Cyprus Ski Report, Monday, January 3rd, 2005 - Rolandos Constantinides

Hi Jay!

Great report on the Utah ski and FANTASTIC photography! I think you should
seriously consider turning pro into ski photography / cinematography!!!!!!!!

Now you know all the hassle I used to have to enjoy skiing here with that
damned requirement for chains. Just the thought of it makes me nervous....
The police here are quite strict on the mountains as they have the prority
to keep roads upen to mountain communities and they don't want to stop the
plows while trying to get cars with panicked drivers unstruck. This was one
of the main reasons I bought the four-wheel drive vehicle.

After the great early snows we had in November we had a very disappointing
season, with only a few 1-2 inch snowfalls during December and January. But
from Sunday afternoon through Monday we had the first serious snow of the
season. The snow base now is from 40-60cm and finally all trails are open -
though the roads were not open on Tuesday when I was off from work (closed
for all vehicles). Actually, Sunday when it started to snow I considered
going up but very soon the police started to announce from the radio that
roads were closed for all vehicles and that there was a traffic jam as many
cars got stranded in the area, so I missed the new snow (why does it always
have to snow on weekends?). My next available day off is Saturday, when a
new snowfall (in the 4-6 inch range) is expected. Hopefully I will be able
to make it then.....

On January 3rd I had to go to the small mountain town of Platres and from
Nicosia the shortest way is to go through the ski resort. Although there
were announcements that the roads were open only for 4x4s or chain-equipped
vehicles due to a 2 inch snowfall I did go through there. Time constraints
meant no skiing for me but I did take a couple of pictures which I have
attached to the email. You can see the sorrow situation we had until
Sunday... I have also included a picture a friend of mine took while I was
driving on snow covered roads in November...

As soon as I manage to go up there for some real skiing I'll send you more
pictures. Until then, I hope you keep enjoying the white stuff as much as
Bye now