Waterbury, Vermont - November 24th, 2007

After traveling for the holiday, we decided to hang around the house on Saturday for skiing. We had a few inches of snow in the yard, which was enough for Ty to make some turns, Dylan to get some practice on his skis, and Dad and Mom to work with their Telemarking. It was a nice day to be out with temperatures around the freezing mark, although we went out after 3:00 P.M. and only caught the last hour or so of daylight. Most of our turns were made on the east lawn, and the snow surface held up pretty nicely. I tried one run on the west lawn for a long run down from the top of the yard to the driveway, and it was good long run, but too shallow to beat the stuff on the east lawn. Ty used his poles, and I gave Dylan his cross-country poles so that he could walk around with them. Dylan's still not quite able to tackle anything with much of a slope in terms of walking on his skis, but he's getting the idea. I showed him how to use a herring bone approach to keep from slipping. Eventually Dylan got tired and E brought him inside where he watched some TV, then she came back out and the three of us skied some more. Ty developed a fun descent route that wrapped around the south side of the driveway and down to the woods (although it also happened to be my favorite ascent route). Overall it was a lot of fun and we tracked up the east lawn quite well!