Summary:0.6Ē snow in Waterbury (495í) overnight


Friday, December 5th, 2008:6:00 A.M. update from Waterbury, VT


New Snow: 0.6 inches

Liquid Equivalent:N.D.

Snow/Water Ratio: N.D.

Snow Density:N.D.

Temperature:22.5 F


Dew Point: 13.5 F

Barometer:30.21 in. Hg



Storm snow total:0.6 inches

Storm liquid equivalent total:N.D.

Current snow at the stake:1 inch

Season snowfall total:22.8 inches


E said she saw a touch of snow in the air yesterday in Morrisville, but I didnít see any while I was in Burlington.Last night at around 8:00 or 9:00 P.M., we had some flurries/light snow coming down in Waterbury, but it seemed to stop quickly and I didnít expect to get any accumulation.However, this morning I was pulling the car out of the garage and noticed that even the driveway areas that hadnít had any snow left on them were now covered with white, so I went and checked the snowboard.There sat 0.6 inches of fluffy snow, nothing super dry, probably just 4-6% H2O by my estimates, but I didnít try to do the water content for such a small amount.Here on the UVM campus in Burlington (380í) thereís essentially no new snow and the ground is bare, although when I looked very closely I could see an almost unperceivable skiff on a few surfaces.So, I guess Burlington got a few flurries as well, and temperatures were clearly cold enough to keep such a small amount of snow from melting.It does sound like more snow is on the way even for the valleys this weekend, so Iíll update on that as warranted.