Saturday, January 24th, 2009


Summary:  0.9” snow total in Waterbury (495’) as of 6:00 A.M. EST


Saturday, January 24th, 2009:  6:00 A.M. update from Waterbury, VT


New Snow: 0.9 inches

Liquid Equivalent:  0.04 inches

Snow/Water Ratio: 22.5

Snow Density:  4.4% H2O

Temperature:  19.9 F

Humidity:  63%

Dew Point:  6.6 F

Barometer:  29.88 in. Hg

Wind:  ~5 MPH

Sky:  Light Snow

Storm snow total:  0.9 inches

Storm liquid equivalent total:  0.04 inches

Current snow at the stake:  18 inches

Season snowfall total:  114.8 inches


The snowfall that was occurring when I took my observations has already tapered off down here, and as the low pressure moves through the NWS says we’ll have gradual clearing through the morning.  The NWS does make mention of the potential for a bit of upslope snow on NNW winds behind the front that is coming through, but they’re not expecting much accumulation.  Up above us in the 3,000’ elevation range, Bolton certainly seemed to pick up more snow from this low pressure system, reporting 3 new inches of snow overnight in their conditions summary compared to the 0.9 inches I recorded down here in the valley (495’).


Here are the 24-hour totals I’ve seen reported by some of the local resorts this morning, listed north to south.  As with yesterday’s reports, the snowfall seemed to quickly drop off south of the I-89/Rt 2 corridor:


Jay:  4”

Burke: 1”

Smugg’s: 2”

Stowe: 4”

Bolton: 4”

Mad River: 0”

Sugarbush: 0”

Killington: 0”