Stowe, VT 21FEB2010

We were up at Stowe this afternoon, and thanks to the foot or so of snow that they’d received in the previous few days, on piste conditions were certainly improved over what we’d experienced the prior couple of Sundays.  I wouldn’t say it was a huge improvement though.  I had a combined group of students with another parent, and we split for one run where I took the more advanced guys down the lower part of Hayride.  It was a great challenge for them, steep with big bumps, but it was also still horribly icy.  I had one student who is thinking of bumping up to the young advanced group, and based on his eagerness and ability to manage that nastiness with nice control, it looks like he should move up.  The quad was still down, so the line at the gondola was very long, but lines were minimal at the double and triple.  When we rode the Lookout Double, the Lookout trail seemed like it had decent snow quality, although there were still some areas of low coverage.  I haven’t been on the double in a long time and I’d forgotten just how awesome the Lookout Trail actually is.

Tuesday, 2/23/2012 Update:  E and the boys were up at Stowe yesterday and conditions sounded similar, although they did enjoy the lack of weekend crowds.  Perhaps this current system will really be the one to get the conditions back on track for those heavily used trials, since it sounds like there could be a good shot of liquid equivalent in it.

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