Friday, October 15th, 2010



powderfreak, on 15 October 2010 - 08:36 PM, said:

Down to 32F at 825ft on the west slopes of the Greens. I'm wondering if we see accums even down into the 800-1,000ft elevation band tonight.

I have no idea when it started, because I hadn't looked outside since I checked the rain gauge back around 6:30 P.M., but when I looked outside to check on the rain at 8:30 P.M., it was snowing.  It's not even a mix of precipitation, it's straight snow.  It's actually pretty heavy in intensity and it's accumulating even down here at ~500'.  As of 8:50 P.M. the temperature is 33.3 F and we've got close to 0.3" of accumulation.  I didn't think I'd be changing over my signature over to '10-'11 with this event, but I guess that's the case.  I don't know if this is our earliest accumulating snowfall at this location, but I'll check my records and see.



I checked my records from the past four seasons that we’ve lived here, and indeed this is the earliest that I’ve recorded accumulating snowfall.  Prior to this, the earliest was October 20th, 2006.  The intensity of the snowfall has fallen off a bit now and the flakes are smaller and more granular.  The temperature is up to 33.8 F and the accumulation on the board hasn’t progressed past 0.3 inches.



Event totals:  0.3” snow/2.12” liquid


I cleared the snowboard at 10:00 P.M. and took a core sample for liquid.  The snow was very saturated with water, so the 0.3 inches contained 0.21 inches of liquid.  The funnel of the rain gauge was starting to fill with slush, so once I got everything out for measurement I switched it over to winter mode in case it decides to keep snowing tonight.  The grass is white from the accumulated snow, but we seem to be switching back toward rain down at this elevation, so we’ll have to see if there is any additional accumulation by morning.  Some 10:00 P.M. observations have been added below:


Friday, October 15th, 2010:  10:00 P.M. update from Waterbury, VT


New Snow:  0.3 inches

Liquid Equivalent:  0.21 inches

Snow/Water Ratio:  1.4

Snow Density:  70.0%

Temperature:  34.3 F

Wind:  0-5 MPH

Sky:  Light-Moderate Snow (1-3 mm flakes)

Storm snow total:  0.3 inches

Storm liquid equivalent total:  2.12 inches

Current snow at the stake:  trace



Saturday, October 16th, 2010



Event totals:  0.3” snow/2.43” liquid


Once the snowfall slowed down yesterday evening at around 10:00 P.M., the precipitation gradually changed over to all rain, and glimpses of the projection thermometer during the night revealed that the temperature just kept rising from the lowest readings in the 33 F – 34 F range during the snow.  At 7:00 A.M. this morning the temperature was 41 F and the precipitation was light rain.  A few observations are below:


Saturday, October 16th, 2010:  7:00 A.M. update from Waterbury, VT


Temperature:  41.0 F

Wind:  Calm

Sky:  Light rain

Storm snow total:  0.3 inches

Storm liquid equivalent total:  2.43 inches

Current snow at the stake:  0



I've added in my observations posts from last night and this morning for reference below.  We had another 0.31 inches of liquid precipitation overnight, which was presumably snow in the higher elevations (Mt. Mansfield is currently at 30 F at 3,950'), and it is still raining, but no doubt the snow level has been rising based on what I've seen down here, so the skiing should certainly be done sooner rather than later.  Bolton Valley at 2,100' is already 34 -35 F.



Event totals:  0.3” snow/2.64” liquid


We headed over to Stowe around 9:00 A.M. this morning to make a few turns, and there was a steady rain at the house that broke up a little as we drove along the east side of the spine.  However, once we were hiking on Mt. Mansfield, it was an all-out Gore Tex morning and it was obvious that the mountain was helping out in the precipitation department.  The precipitation was rain at the gondola base (~1,600’) with temperatures in the upper 30s F, and it was pouring hard at times on our ascent.  Snow started to mix in around 2,000’ and we were fully over to snow by 2,200’.  The snow level did start to rise farther while we were there however, especially when the precipitation would let up.  There have been a few times that the sun has broken through here in the valley, but we’re still getting bouts of precipitation, and I found an additional 0.21” of rain in the gauge since I emptied it this morning to bring the liquid event total at this location to 2.64”.  For those that want more information about the skiing, click through to my full report and pictures.



Sunday, October 17th, 2010



The Nor’easter is finally over here and we actually had some sunny skies today.  Storm totals here at the house were 0.3" snow/2.68" liquid equivalent, and for Mt. Mansfield were 25" snow/4.92" liquid equivalent as Powderfreak outlined in the Northern New England thread.  We skied up at Stowe yesterday and the snow was certainly wet compared to some October storms, but it was a decent dump.  I've added a couple of shots from yesterday below, and the rest are in my Stowe, VT 10/16/2010 report.