Tuesday, January 19th, 2010



After the end of the big storm on Monday morning, we didnít see any precipitation during the day, but then it started to snow again Monday night in association with the upper level low that is coming out of the Great Lakes.† The snow was pretty light and showery with a mix of flakes sizes (some up to about a half inch in diameter), but it wasnít accumulating with marginal temperatures around the freezing mark.† This morning, a much more steady light snow was coming down, and the flakes were small at just a couple of millimeters in diameter.† I didnít get a chance to check the water content, but we had 0.3 inches of accumulation on the board as of 6:00 A.M.† Similar snowfall of at least that intensity continued on in to Richmond, but in Burlington there were just a few flurries around.† This activity associated with this system is expected to continue through midweek.



Wednesday, January 20th, 2010



I havenít had a chance to get out an update until now, but here are the totals from yesterdayís snow:


1.3Ē snow/0.15 L.E.


There was another 0.3 inches on the board this morning, but Iíll update if Iíll see if thatís changed when I get home this evening.



Thursday, January 21st, 2010



As far as I can tell there wasnít any additional snowfall, beyond the 0.3 inches yesterday, but last night I was able to get the water content on it.


Yesterday: 0.3Ē snow/0.01Ē L.E.

Event Totals: 1.6Ē snow/0.16 L.E.


Things are really clearing out now here in Burlington, and based on the forecast it sounds like that might be it for precipitation until the latter part of the weekend.