Vermont Maple Open House Weekend

Don’t forget, it’s the official Vermont Maple Open House Weekend, so try to support your local sugarhouse at one of the open house events.  We’re planning to head to my cousin Steve’s operation in Barton for their open house.  When he called me earlier in the week he said to make sure everyone brought snowshoes because the snowpack is pretty hefty as usual.  I think we’re also going to bring Tele gear and do a tour as long as the snow softens up appropriately for turns.  With last year’s low snowfall, touring around had a bit of a different feel because there was only a bit of snow left and it was like a spring hike.  His snowpack is often much more substantial than ours though, so if things are typical up there the skiing could be nice.  Checking my records, it looks like our 2008 visit was at the tail end of March and yielded some very nice turns.

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