Bolton Valley, VT 02APR2011

Jay skiing powder
Jay enjoying the spring powder and sun in Bolton's Wilderness area

We headed up to Bolton today to check out the powder from our recent storm, and conditions were great.  We had some snowfall in the mid morning period that gave way to more sun as we approached noontime.  For all the details and powdery pictures, check out my report from Bolton today.

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  1. Awesome report, photography and kids stoke as always JSpin.

    Had enough time for a 24hr away from the Ottawa locals to hit MRG yesterday with 3/4 of the family (Oldest has a strain ligament in her knee). Awesome day and natural conditions for the first weekend of April.

    1. Thanks for stopping in Patrick, I just commented over at AlpineZone on how these spring stretches of cool weather are always so great compared to battling coverage issues. Glad that you were able to get to VT to enjoy some of the snow!

      1. With 4 days, I’ve been definitely been Vermont (or non-local) deprived this season. It’s the price to pay with the financial one for one daughter wanting to ski race then got injured freeskiing in wet heavy powder the week before the last weekend of racing and a planned Spring break in Vermont (canceled).

        Debating if I should let her ski at the end of the month or call it a season for her?

        If I get my head around it, I’ll post a non-picture TR on my site and link it up on FTO.

  2. Yea, great looking kid pics as usual. Hey what’s the latest date you’ve skied in VT and where was it (roughly)? This year could go for a while in NoVT.

    1. Are you thinking lift-served, or earning turns after places have stopped running? For lift-served it’s certainly Killington around the end of May beginning of June, although they don’t push the snowmaking that hard anymore. If you’re thinking north of Killington, then it’s probably Sugarbush which would typically run into May when Killington was doing their long seasons. For earning turns I’d say it was at some point in May – last year we headed up to Jay Peak for the Mother’s Day storm on May 9th. I’ll have to look around at my reports, but unless it gets incredibly warm all of a sudden, there should be snow right into May as usual, it’s just a question of when in May it starts to taper off and who keeps running lifts.

      1. Did Powdr and Kmart change their tune some much that they be aiming for end of May to late June? I’d have to look at my Eastern Closing Thread from the previous seasons on FTO, but I recall as K not being around for the first weekend of May (and last day of the lift-served season in the East).

        On your question about season continuing after the lifts stopped; were you talking about my injured daughter or myself? Not sure about her, but I’ll definitely continue unless something out of my control comes up. Thinking about that July turns at Tucks look like a distinct possibility right now.

        1. I responded to Harvey’s question about the latest date for VT skiing, but I think I hadn’t “approved” that post yet so things may have gotten confusing. I’ve still got to get used to the process for these comments, but I can see why the approval process is used – there’s loads of this lame spam with comments like “I can see that you really know about what you speak, it is hard to find informed individuals on this topic” etc. etc. Hopefully my response makes a bit more sense now.

          1. Yes, it sounded strange without Harv’s question. I was wondering if something had changed when I saw K and June in the same sentence.

            Once you got a few regular posters, there should be less spam versus real comments.

            I don’t think I commented yet on your new blog, but it looks great.

    2. Harv,

      For myself it was June 15, 1997 on Superstar. Killington closed one week later, on the 22th I believe. I made it to June on liftserved at Killington from 1992 to 1997. K didn’t make it to June from something like 1987 to 1991 when they moved Spring operations from K Peak to Skye Peak. My recollection was better 8 years ago when I started regularly posting on FTO.

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