Ty to appear in Bolton Valley ad in Kids Vermont

An image of Ty in the powder that we took back on our December 20th, 2008 ski outing at Bolton Valley will be appearing in an advertisement for the resort in an upcoming issue of the Kids Vermont newspaper.  I’ve attached a copy of the ad below; congratulations Ty!

Advertisement for Bolton Valley Resort 2011-2012
An upcoming ad for Bolton Valley Resort in Vermont to appear in Vermont Kids Newspaper

Ty also appears in one of the interior shots in this year’s brochure from Bolton Valley, promoting powder skiing & kids, so when Powderfreak commented over in the Ski Thread in the New England Regional Forum at American Weather, I added a response and posted a scanned copy of that material.  That image is below:

An image of Ty skiing deep powder at Bolton Valley Ski Resort in Vermont as part of their brochure promoting kids and powder skiing
In their brochure this season, Bolton used an image of Ty while promoting their kid-friendly atmosphere and great powder skiing.

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    1. Thanks for stopping in Harv – we’ve definitely seen that it’s becoming easier to get shots of the boys ripping it up as their technique improves and they become more comfortable with increased speed in the powder. We’re hoping for another great ski season with plenty of opportunities for powdery pictures so we can continue to help out the resort with images.

    2. That is awesome. Congrats on Ty’s first and hopefully not the last modeling job. 🙂 (catching up on my blog reading after some time away).

      1. I’m glad you had a chance to stop in Patrick; they’ve used that image in several of the ads in the papers around here so that has been nice to see. We’re hoping for plenty of the usual powder this season so I can keep clicking away on the pictures! I haven’t stopped by at your site for a bit because I’ve been so busy getting mine up to speed, but the attic and video posts there have been fun to see.

        1. I was away for 6 weeks this Summer and pre-scheduled some posts (Mondays Maps and Fridays Videos). I’m slowly cleaning some old TRs, adding/scanning pics.

          There is a also a few others things that I’m working on, but some of it won’t be noticed right away….and then there are family/work obligations. I have a few TRs from the past season to get up (which includes the Summer months).

          Have a good season.

  1. Very cool! Nice shot! I bet that won’t be the last time Ty appears in publication.

    I need to get back to Bolton this year. I still haven’t rode the lifts there yet.

    1. The current system hasn’t been quite cold enough to get any obvious snow here in the Northern Greens, but we’re at that point in the fall where Bolton Valley could have accumulating snow any day now.  It’s actually been snowing today in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, etc.  We finished up with gear at the SBHS Ski Swap last weekend, so we’re ready for whenever it comes.  I don’t expect Bolton to start up the lifts until early December, but hopefully Mother Nature will get the base building quickly in November and December so we can start making turns – if we can get a snowy November/December combo like ‘07-‘08 and ‘08-‘09 it would be nice.  I just wrote up a response over at AlpineZone for one of the guys that had inquired about what to expect at Bolton during the pre-holiday week, which talks about some of the early lift-served options.

      1. Funny that you mention earning turns at Bolton before the lifts start turning. My only Bolton experience so far was earning October turns in 2005. About 5″ or so. I wouldn’t be surprised if I had gone to Bolton for earned turns that day based on one of your FTO snow reports!

        1. We were actually still living in Montana until 2006, so I bet it was someone else that inspired your trip at that point. We actually did get a day at Bolton Valley in 2005 though, we skied there on December 24th, 2005 when we were home for Christmas break, and it was our first chance to check out the Vista Quad. This year’s snowpack hasn’t started to build yet, but there’s been snow up on the mountain the past three times I’ve been up there (November 6th, November 12th, and November 17th), so winter is gradually taking hold. I’m keeping my eyes on that storm for the middle of next week, since there could be some snow with it.

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