Bolton Valley, VT 09APR2011


We headed up to Bolton today to take advantage of their bonus Extra Innings weekend.† My mom joined us, and I was able to use my final Powder Pass ticket for her, so that worked out well.† Temperatures were already warming up in the late morning as we hit a combination of Spillway and Show Off for our first run, but there was still some wintry snow holding on in the higher elevations.† After a couple of warm spring days, I wouldnít have thought that the snow would sustain much powder character, but with the somewhat wintry snow we found, it might have actually been nice to go up right when the lifts opened.



We were surprised to find out that the mountain was running the Mid Mountain Lift along with Vista, so we did a Glades run off there before running into Stephen and his crew, and eventually Claire and Luke.† The whole group headed over to Wilderness where we checked out some of the untracked snow.† It was getting sticky and well beyond powder at that point with the rising afternoon temperatures, but it was still manageable and folks seemed to have a lot of fun.† Claire was contemplating getting some Bolton Valley passes for next season because she enjoyed the Bolton vibe so much, and the deserted Wilderness area was a great example of the low key feel.




Stephen and his kids had been at the mountain since opening bell, so they headed home once we broke for lunch.† Later in the afternoon we skied the reverse combination of what weíd done for our first run, starting with the top of Show Off and connecting to the bottom of Spillway; the steep skierís left of Spillway was loads of fun.† Dylan also dragged everyone down Preacher when he was guiding the group, because I guess heíd never actually skied it and had been curious all season as we continually passed it by.† The coverage and snow were fantastic for mid April, and it brought back fond memories of Preacher for me.




For our final run of the day we joined up with Claire and more members of her family for a run down Cobrass.† Itís always bittersweet to have that last run of the season on the mountain, but itís only a few months before itís time for off-season glade trimming with the crew and the approach of the winter snows.† This season was fairly average in terms of snowfall for Bolton at 330 inches, but it was certainly a decent one for skiing.† With very little snowfall in November, and the storm track staying so far south until basically February, we didnít get a 400-inch season like might have happened in an La NiŮa, but the consistency of temperatures with few thaws made for a lot of great days.† Hopefully next season will have more of the same, but for now thereís a lot of skiing yet to come this spring around the Northeast.