Saturday, March 12th, 2011

8:28 A.M.:  I just checked outside here and light snow is falling, but nothing that would accumulate at this point.  



powderfreak, on 12 March 2011 - 10:20 AM, said:

NWS point forecast also calling for 2-4" down in the village in the next 36 hours, so we'll see. 1-2" tonight and 1-2" tomorrow.  Mountain should easily get 2-4" and given upslope flow and QPF, they may get into the 3-6" range over the next 36 hours.  


That's nice to hear Scott, nothing has accumulated down at our elevation yet, but in their early morning update Bolton was indicating a new inch of snow with continued snowfall.  

Sunday, March 13th, 2011
Event totals: 0.2” Snow/0.05” L.E.

Sunday 3/13/2011 7:00 A.M. update:  I woke up this morning to find snow coming down steady… and fast.  The flakes seemed to be falling quite fast as opposed to floating down, and I eventually figured out that it was because the flakes were fairly wet.  Some of them were quite large though, up to an inch in diameter.  It doesn’t seem like the snow had been falling too long, as there were only 0.2 slushy inches on the board.  I added a shot of the accumulation and snowfall from out back this morning:

Temperatures are fairly marginal here, and I can see that the Intellicast radar has the precipitation falling as rain in the Champlain Valley.  There does appear to be a good pulse of moisture heading this way though:

The higher elevations should do quite well with this event in terms of snow with their colder temperatures.  As of this morning I saw that the local resorts had picked up an inch or two.  


There are no notable seasonal snowfall accumulations milestones here with this event so far, however, it is the 40th accumulating snowfall event of the season.  Since I started keeping records in 2006, only the other La Niña season of ‘07-‘08 and ‘08-‘09 reached or exceeded 40 storms.  


Some details from the 6:00 A.M. observations are below:  

New Snow: 0.2 inches
New Liquid: 0.15 inches
Snow/Water Ratio: 4.0
Snow Density: 25.0% H2O
Temperature: 30.9 F
Sky: Snow (3-25 mm flakes)
Snow at the stake: 29.0 inches

powderfreak, on 13 March 2011 - 03:26 PM, said:

Winter lives on in the northern Greens. Just got back from the mountain and was pleasantly surprised.  


We had a great afternoon at the mountain Scott – on multiple occasions I checked the depth of the powder at the top of the gondola and measured 6 to 7 inches, and that was only through about mid afternoon.  It snowed all day at all elevations, even if it wasn’t really accumulation at the base.  Off piste was often spectacular on the top half of the mountain, and even the top ¾ of the mountain, and below that the powder was somewhat wet but on piste the skiing was still great.  Bolton just pushed past 300” with this latest snow thanks to some of that west slope action earlier in the season, so Stowe shouldn’t be too long in the hitting 300” as well.  Even though this event wasn’t accumulating too much at the base elevations, these past events have been building even the lower elevation snowbanks – I got a shot below of Ty on one of the banks where we parked over at Spruce.  It was easily twice the height of the car and you could see the new snow on top of the old.  Since we got home it’s been snowing here at the house (was just rain today after the morning snow).  There’s no additional accumulation to report here however.  A couple of shots from today are below: