Sunday, April 17th, 2011



Event totals: 0.3” Snow/0.66” L.E.


Sunday 4/4/2011 7:00 A.M. update:  I’d been monitoring the real time temperatures on the Mt. Mansfield ridgeline yesterday, and they were sitting around 20 F – definitely chilly.  I also checked in on Stowe’s midday temperatures, and at around 1:00 P.M. they were reporting 20 F at the summit, and just 30 F at the base.  That made the decision easy in terms of skiing; there’s not much softening taking place at those temperatures.  I was still curious about the possibility of some snow though; things seemed way too cold to not get something frozen out of the sky, no matter what the upper atmosphere was doing.  Even with those thoughts, it was still somewhat surprising when we came out of St. Andrew’s around 5:00 P.M. to find that Waterbury was getting accumulating snow.  We went grocery shopping and the snow continued, so that by 6:00 P.M. there was a good coating everywhere but the paved surfaces.  As we headed west toward the house, I’d say the accumulations actually dropped off a bit, but I still found 0.3 inches of snow on the snowboard.  I didn’t take a sample for liquid at that point, knowing that it was supposed to switch over to rain so I’d just get all the liquid in my morning CoCoRaHS report.  The precipitation eventually became more sleet-like, and overnight it seemed to go over to all rain.


On a climatological note, this is the 48th accumulating snowfall event recorded here at the house this season, and ‘10-‘11 is sitting second behind ’07-’08 in that category, as well as in the snowfall category.  This event also brings the length of the ‘10-‘11 snowfall season here to 184 days, so even down in the valley the snowfall season has been over half a year.  Our point and click for this elevation shows several shots at snow over the next week, which is not so great for those desiring summer weather, but on the bright side it should aid in preserving the snowpack as we head forward in the spring skiing season.


Some details from the 7:00 A.M. Waterbury observations are below:

New Snow: 0.3 inches
New Liquid: 0.66 inches
Temperature: 39.4 F
Sky: Light Rain
Monday, April 18th, 2011

I hadn’t had a chance to finish off an update until now, but on Sunday evening we had another round of accumulating snow due to a burst of precipitation that popped up in our area.  It was best described as granular/pellet snow, and seemed to fit in with some observations that the NWS had seen that evening and mentioned in their discussion:




Although I didn’t have time for a full update, I did grab a radar image, and you can really see that burst that exploded in our area where I-89 crosses the Chittenden/Washington county line; there were also a couple of similar bursts going on at the same time off to the south in Addison County:

Anyway, with that accumulation, our totals for the weekend event ended at 0.6” Snow/0.82” L.E. to bring the snowfall to 196.8 inches on the season.


Unlike Saturday, it actually warmed up somewhat on Sunday and the sun started to come out in the afternoon, so I headed up to Bolton for some turns and can give an update on the snow in the high country.  There was no snow at all down at the base of the Bolton Valley Access Road (340’), the first patches of snow started to appear at around 900’, and up at 1,500’ the snowpack wasn’t quite continuous, but it was getting close.  I didn’t even head up to the main mountain because even down at Timberline the snow coverage is nearly complete on the trails, even the natural snow trails.  Up above the mid station at ~2,250’ the snow wasn’t quite warmed to that prime corn state, but it was just about perfect below that point.  The upper-elevation snow was being nicely preserved though.  I’ve added a couple pictures from the outing below, and the rest are available in my April 17th report from Bolton.