Bolton Valley, VT 26MAR2011


The upslope snow has been rolling in, and although we haven’t had a ton of snow from this event yet, snow surfaces are getting a nice freshening.  This morning down at the house we were on our way toward picking up a quick additional inch of snow to put us at 2.8 inches for this end of the week event, and 9 inches for the week.  Bolton was reporting 13 inches over that span, with the snow continuing to fall.  Today we were back up at the mountain again for an afternoon session with Stephen and his kids, and for the first half of the afternoon it was snowing at a good clip.  Everyone joined in for a run on Spell Binder, and using the knowledge about the aspects with best snow that the boys and I had learned yesterday, there were some really awesome bottomless turns available on the skier’s left.  Even with just a few inches of additional snow, the skiing took quite a jump up in quality.  We found the same snow setup on Tattle Tale, and all three boys had fun ripping up the powder in their own way.  We gave Johannes first tracks on one line, and he decided that a figure 11 was the way to go, while Ty and Dylan accented his line with some curves.  We’re starting to nickname Johannes “11”.








The whole group had a big lunch in the Timberline Lodge, and later in the afternoon we stepped up the powder skiing with Ty, Dylan, and I showing everyone some of the terrain we’d hit the previous day.  The powder in the Villager Trees was skiing very well, and there were plenty of untracked lines.  The groomed terrain was skiing nicely too; we found Cobrass to have a quality packed powder surface in most spots, although looking down at Spillway from the Vista Quad we could see that it looked like its usual manmade, windswept self.  Next weekend is scheduled as Bolton’s last of the season, and if we get another storm cycle like the forecast suggests, then there may not be a chance to get lift-served spring bumps on Spillway this season.  That’s just the way it goes sometimes when the closing date is early, but on the flip side, additional fresh powder days will be appreciated.