January 19th, 2012 – Waterbury Winter Weather Event Updates



Thursday, January 19th, 2012



We were visiting some friends at Trapps (~1,300’) this evening, and when we headed outside around 7:00 P.M. to go to the pool, it seemed like it had just started snowing.  About an hour later when we went back out we encountered steady snowfall – it seemed rather intense, but flakes were small and it still probably qualified as light snow.  I'd say they had a few tenths of an inch of fresh snow down at that point.  Here at the house (~500') as of ~9:00 P.M. there’s 0.2” of new snow on the snowboard.



Friday, January 20th, 2012



Event totals: 2.2” Snow/0.09” L.E.


I was up, so I did a midnight analysis on the snow received at this location up to this point.  I initially wrote down the sky observations as light/moderate snow just based on local visual inspection and assessing the snow accumulation on my arm out the door, but it was obvious that the snowfall intensity was more than that once I got out in it.  Unlike earlier in the evening, there are now some >1 cm diameter flakes falling, and that is supporting more rapid accumulation.  I decided to call the snowfall moderate, although it could be borderline heavy, since as of ~12:30 A.M. there was already another 0.4” on the snowboard.


Some details from the 12:00 A.M. Waterbury observations are below:


New Snow: 2.2 inches

New Liquid: 0.09 inches

Snow/Water Ratio: 24.4

Snow Density: 4.1% H2O

Temperature: 22.5 F

Sky: Moderate Snow (2-12 mm flakes)

Snow at the stake: 9.5 inches



Event totals: 3.6” Snow/0.13” L.E.


The snowfall dried out a bit more overnight, and even after this latest round sat on the board for a while until morning observations, it still came in under 3% H2O with a 35 to 1 ratio.  There’s still a little bit of light snow/flurry action going on, so I’ll report later today if there’s anything to add to the storm total.


Below I’ve added the north to south list of storm totals from the Vermont ski areas that have reported in up to this point; it looks like there was a peak in accumulations in the Bolton through Smugg’s stretch where totals pushed past the half foot mark.  Totals fell off somewhat to the north and south of there, with another peak in snow totals in the southern part of the state:


Jay Peak: 4”

Burke: 3”

Smuggler’s Notch: 6”

Stowe: 7”

Bolton Valley: 6”

Mad River Glen: 3”

Sugarbush: 2”

Pico: 3”

Killington: 3”

Okemo: 5”

Bromley: 4”

Stratton: 5”

Mount Snow: 5”


Some details from the 6:00 A.M. Waterbury observations are below:


New Snow: 1.4 inches

New Liquid: 0.04 inches

Snow/Water Ratio: 35.0

Snow Density: 2.9% H2O

Temperature: 22.5 F

Sky: Light Snow/Flurries (1-3 mm flakes)

Snow at the stake: 10.0 inches



View Postpowderfreak, on 20 January 2012 - 07:36 AM, said:

Yeah I'm still in disbelief... I really want to see a radar image from last night to see where this came from.


I was up working last night PF so I did a midnight analysis and put it in the observations thread – from midnight to 1:00 A.M. we did pick up 1.2 inches at our location though, so it was really coming down during that stretch.  Unfortunately I didn’t grab any radar shots, but my observations are above.




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