March 26th, 2012 – Waterbury Winter Weather Event Updates



Friday, March 23rd, 2012



I’ve been checking on the mountain point forecasts as we plan the ski schedule for the weekend, and it looks more and more winter-like each time I check it.  It doesn’t appear as though we’ll be able to expect soft snow from the get go anymore:



Monday, March 26th, 2012



Event totals: 0.5” Snow/0.09” L.E.


The ground was white this morning when I looked out around 5:30 A.M., and upon checking the snowboard at 6:00 A.M. there was 0.5” of snow down, with moderate snow falling in the form of 2-8 mm diameter flakes.  I hadn’t really expected much in the way of snow overnight, so the rain/snow gauge was still in rain mode, with 0.14” of liquid in the inner cylinder and the top funnel clogged with snow.  The snow on the board contained 0.09” of liquid, so summed with the rain in the cylinder, which was generally from yesterday prior to the overnight frontal passage, it revealed 0.23” of total liquid in the past 24 hours.  Since the snow is rather dense (18.0% H2O) I suspect there’s a little rain in there, but with no accurate way to dissect apart the real contributions from rain and snow in the gauge, the sum of the gauge liquid and board snow will likely be the best representation of liquid acquired at our location over the past 24 hours.


I left the house not long after my observations, with what looked like another tenth of an inch down, and continued steady snowfall.  The snowfall continued in Waterbury and on toward Bolton and Jonesville, but had tapered off such that there was nothing falling in Richmond, and no accumulation of any sort on the ground there.  In Burlington, there was a skiff of new snow in surfaces such as mulch etc.


A few seasonal notes:  This morning’s snowfall was the first in over two weeks, and brings the March total at our location to 13.4”, but that is still over a foot below the monthly average based on my data.  Currently, season snowfall stands at 114.0”, which is running behind ‘09-‘10 snowfall by only 5.6”.


Details from the 6:00 A.M. Waterbury observations are below:


New Snow: 0.5 inches

New Liquid: 0.09 inches

Snow/Water Ratio: 5.6

Snow Density: 18.0% H2O

Temperature: 32.5 F

Sky:  Moderate Snow (2-8 mm flakes)

Snow at the stake: 0.5 inches



There’s nothing more to report from here other than the additional 0.1” of snow that fell after the 6:00 A.M. observations, so 0.6” goes down as the total for this event.  The snow has stuck around in many of the sheltered areas here at the house, and indeed on my trip back from Burlington today, I saw that south facing slopes all the way down at the bottom of the Winooski Valley were still holding snow as I passed through the spine.  The next potential shot of snow looks to be around the midweek period.



I’m passing along a couple of shots from yesterday at Stowe; the conditions were very much like what we found at Bolton on Saturday, except that low clouds/fog really reduced the visibility.  Surfaces were soft spring snow top to bottom though, so we stayed for most of the afternoon.  The full report is at our website.  I’m glad to see all the new snow in Powderfreak’s pictures from today, because with the lower temperatures in the area now, those surfaces would be rock hard.



Tuesday, March 27th, 2012



View Postpowderfreak, on 27 March 2012 - 07:32 AM, said:

J.Spin... sweet pics. Sunday was definitely a dreary day with mist/sheet drizzle/occasional showery stuff. Was that the last week of the school programs?


You’re correct, it was the last week for the school programs; E and her co-director actually cancelled our program for the day since the terrain was limited over at Spruce and they didn’t want all of the beginner groups and their families to have to deal with the potentially messy conditions.  She’d had time on Friday to do some skiing with the boys on the lower slopes of Spruce to assess the conditions/terrain options, and had pretty much made her decision at that point after seeing what was available.  Even though Sunday was a dreary one, we decided to head out for turns because of the good conditions we’d experienced on Saturday at Bolton.  With temperatures returning to normal recently, the options for soft snow may not be as frequent for a while, so we wanted to get out.  It was also an opportunity for the boys to get three days in a row on their Telemark skis, which is really difficult to do during the heart of the season.  Those repeat days are really good for reinforcement, but it’s a tough decision to relegate oneself to the more moderate terrain when the more adventurous terrain is calling.  They’ve been eager for some time on the Teles though, and the advances they made during the three day stretch were enough to keep them hungry.  It’s very much like you were talking about earlier in the thread however; I’m not sure we would have gone were it not for having passes.  The absence of people was awesome in terms of having the trails to ourselves, and while the skiing was great and we didn’t encounter any rain, it’s not a day that lots of people are likely to come out and pay for.





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