January 17th, 2013 Ė Waterbury Winter Weather Event Updates



Thursday, January 17th, 2013



A quick glance at the graphics for our point forecast suggests that weíre getting back into a more typical winter pattern for the Northern Greens



In terms of outdoor recreation, a downside is that weíre probably dropping into the freezer on Monday, but thatís obviously better than being too warm in terms of the snowpack.  In his broadcast this morning, Roger Hill spoke to the building snowpack with the upcoming pattern.


The front hasnít come through our area yet, but it looks like something is on the way:




The snow has stopped for now here in Burlington, but Iím monitoring the snow at the house via web cam, and itís still snowing there.  Snowfall at this point looks to be about an inch and a half based off my measurement blocks:




powderfreak, on 17 Jan 2013 - 10:45 AM, said:https://www.amwx.us/public/style_images/American_Weather/snapback.png


Awesome! Watching the snow accumulate at home while at work. Now that's solid.

What's the triangle block for? I'm assuming that one is painted in 2" increments while the other one is 1"?


Yep, you got it, the tiny one (piece of a porch post I believe) has 1Ē increments alternating in black and white, and the triangle block is a piece of leftover pressure treated wood with 2Ē increments alternating in brown and white.  Iíve got a couple of those and Iíll place them in different spots to corroborate the measurements.  I also have one more made on a scrap piece of pressure treated 4 x 4 that has 3Ē increments and goes up to about a foot Ė thatís good if weíre going to be out of town and a larger storm is coming etc.


I had been using the web cam on my wifeís computer for a couple of years when we would travel, but thatís been a bit finicky lately (and itís a hassle moving the entire computer around), so I bought a Dropcam.  Theyíre indoor cams, but for only about $150, youíve got real time HD video of whatever you want (with sound, but I have that turned off since I donít need it for snowfall observations).  Itís super simple to set up (itís basically a camera with a AC plug on the end) and it connects to the wireless network in your house.  But yeah, aside from being able to monitor accumulations (during travel, storms where the snow may melt before I have time to measure, etc.), itís also kind of nice to be able to pop open a window with HD video of the snow falling at the house.  I donít have a smart phone or tablet or anything, but you can also watch it on those.  Today I was just sort of curious how things would go with the frontal passage, so I hooked it up.



Event totals: 1.6Ē Snow/0.05Ē L.E.


The density of the snow from todayís frontal passage was very similar to yesterdayís snow Ė both came in at a bit over 3% H2O.


Details from the 6:00 P.M. Waterbury observations:


New Snow: 1.6 inches

New Liquid: 0.05 inches

Snow/Water Ratio: 32.0

Snow Density: 3.1% H2O

Temperature: 10.9 F

Sky: Clear

Snow at the stake: 6.0 inches



Friday, January 18th, 2013



powderfreak, on 18 Jan 2013 - 4:43 PM, said:https://www.amwx.us/public/style_images/American_Weather/snapback.png


BTV zone forecast for Lamoille County looks really nice for this weekend... robust.

Tonight: Mostly clear with a chance of snow until midnight...then cloudy with snow after midnight. Snow accumulation of 2 to 4 inches. Lows around 6 above. Light and variable winds. Chance of snow 90 percent.

Saturday: Cloudy. Snow in the morning...then a chance of snow showers in the afternoon. Total snow accumulation of 3 to 5 inches. Highs in the lower 30s. Southwest winds around 10 mph with gusts up to 25 mph. Chance of snow 90 percent.

Saturday Night: Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of snow showers. Lows in the upper 20s. Southwest winds 10 to 15 mph.

Sunday: Snow showers likely. Light snow accumulation possible. Highs in the upper 20s. Temperature falling to around 18 in the afternoon. West winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 40 mph. Chance of snow 60 percent.

Sunday Night: Cloudy with a 50 percent chance of snow showers. Much colder with lows around 7 below. Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph.




My target for getting back out to ski has been to see that 7-day (post-thaw) total at Stowe hit the one foot mark.  Itís currently at 5Ē as of midday today, so it wouldnít surprise me at all if we got there at some point during the long weekend based on that forecast.




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