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A little upslope tonight

Radar image from BTV
Some light upslope snow showers are passing through the area this evening

There’s a bit of snow falling and accumulating here, so presumably the mountains are getting some as well.  It’s all small flakes that I’ve seen falling in the past 15 minutes, but I guess some larger flakes fell earlier because there are some huge globs on the snowboard and a couple tenths of an inch of accumulation.  I’ve added the latest radar shot with this post.

A little more snow this afternoon

BTV Radar Image
A little more snow coming into the area this afternoon

It started snowing steadily here in Burlington, and a look at the composite radar revealed a bit of precipitation coming in from the northwest.  I’ve added the recent radar image here, and some additional commments are in the Northern New England thread at Americanwx.com.

5.3 inches at the house, 8 inches for the mountain

BTV Radar Image
The streamers of moisture heading into our area at around 10:45 P.M. last night

We picked up 5.3 inches of total snow with this event down in the valley thanks to the second burst of snowfall that came through last night, and up at Bolton Valley as well as Stowe, they picked up a total of 8 inches of snow.  I’ve added a picture of the radar image from around 10:45 P.M. last night that shows the snow still streaming into the area.  I’ve added the north to south list of storm accumulations for the Vermont ski areas below, and additional details can be found in my morning update in the Northern New England thread at Americanwx.com.

Jay Peak: 6″
Burke: 5”
Smuggler’s Notch: 5”
Stowe: 8”
Bolton Valley: 8”
Mad River Glen: 5”
Sugarbush: 5”
Pico: 4”
Killington: 4”
Okemo: 5”
Bromley: 2”
Stratton: 4”
Mount Snow: 3”

Four inches and counting…

BTV Radar Image
The second round of precipitation approaching the area this evening

As of 8:00 P.M. we’ve had about 4 inches of snow here at the house, and it looks like there’s still a bit of snow to go.  We got a surprisingly good shot of snow this evening after the main round earlier today; I’ve added a radar shot of the evening snowfall as it was coming into the area.  More information can be found in my evening update at Americanwx.com.

First snowstorm of the spring is on the way

Storm total snowfall graphics for VT/NY
The storm total snow forecast from the Burlington National Weather Service, click for the full-size image

The forecast calls for the first spring snowstorm to come into our area today.  It sounds like it could be close to a foot for some of the local mountains, but some of the latest thoughts in the Northern New England thread at Americanwx.com are that the northern parts of the area might be out of the more substantial moisture.  We’ll just have to see how it plays out, but it seems like at least some snow is on the way.  I’ve added in the accumulations map from the National Weather service in Burlington this morning, and additional details can be found in my post in the Northern New England thread at Americanwx.com.

Some surprise snow this morning

We picked up 0.3 inches of snow this morning that I hadn’t really been expecting. That puts us at over 30 inches for the month of March, with the next couple of snow chances coming up this week. Additional weather details can be found in my morning update in the Northern New England thread at Americanwx.com.

A little snow this morning

We did pick up a couple of tenths of an inch of snow this morning, but that was about it for this elevation. Some folks got a bit more in the higher elevations, and I saw reports of a few inches off the east in New Hampshire. Weather details are in my update in the Northern New England thread at Americanwx.com.

Next chances for snow coming in: Thursday through Sunday

It looks like the next snow event in our area is on tap for tomorrow, with low pressure tracking into Southern New England. Checking in on the discussion from the National Weather Service office in Burlington, the snow level is expected to rise to the 1,500’ to 2,000’ range, with mixed snow and rain below that. The point forecast for our elevation in the Winooski Valley at ~500’ suggests 1 to 3 inches of snow in the Wednesday timeframe, with a bit more possible on Wednesday and Thursday nights. In his broadcast this morning, Roger Hill was suggesting the potential for a couple of inches of snow tomorrow morning affecting the commute. Point forecasts for the higher elevations to our north have 2 to 4 inches in the Wednesday timeframe, and farther to the south, 3 to 5 inches is coming up where the NWS says a good combination of the surface track placement and 500 to 700 mb lift get together. After that, the next storm is expected to come into the area Thursday, and provide precipitation chances through Sunday. It’s another warm system, but there will be chances for snow, especially in the higher elevations.

Wet snow falling in the valley this morning

Snowfall and new snow on the playset out back
When I woke up, wet snow was falling and new snow was accumulating on the playset out back.

I woke up to find wet snow falling here at the house. I’ve added an image of the new snow from out back, and the Intellicast colored radar image as well. Full details are in my morning report to the NNE thread at Americanwx.com.

Northeast Intellicast colored radar for the morning of March 13th
Snow heading into the Northern Vermont area this morning on the Intellicast colored radar