The page contains links to various J&E Productions photo galleries, where you can browse through more than 1,000 ski and winter weather-related images.  Check below for what’s currently available:

Dylan kickin' back at the Cliff House atop the Gondola at Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont
Dylan kickin’ back outside the Cliff House at Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont

Bolton Valley 2006-2007
Bolton Valley 2007-2008
Bolton Valley 2008-2009
Bolton Valley 2009-2010
Bolton Valley 2010-2011
Bolton Valley 2011-2012
Bolton Valley 2012-2013
Bolton Valley 2013-2014
Bolton Valley 2014-2015
Bolton Valley 2015-2016
Bolton Valley 2016-2017
Bolton Valley 2017-2018
Bolton Valley 2018-2019

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    1. Hehe, well for better or worse (perhaps better from a financial standpoint), neither of the boys has expressed an interest in competition thus far. We bring it up about once a year just to see where they’re at, but up to this point they’ve been happy ripping it up on their own terms – or at least at times, my terms, depending on what crazy backcountry route or adventure I’m bringing them on. It will be interesting to see if either of the boys is bitten by the competition bug as they get older. Thanks for stopping in Jonathan, we’re not too far to that magical snow season now!

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