Winter Weather

An image of some of the snow that collected on the measurement snowboard during the Valentine's Day Blizzard in Waterbury Vermont
Our old back yard snowboard doing it’s job of collecting snow for measurement during the big 2007 Valentine’s Day Snowstorm

In 2006, we began tracking snowfall and monitoring the winter weather from our house in Waterbury, Vermont, and since 2009 we have been reporting the snowfall and liquid equivalent through CoCoRaHS as station VT-WS-19 (Waterbury 3.0 NW), where our records can be found. Other observations that we make are frequently posted here in our web log, and also in the New England Regional Forum at American Weather, an excellent site for tracking winter storms with numerous professional meteorologists providing forecasts and discussion about weather in New England.

An image of snow collecting on elevated snowboard that is integrated into the back deck at our house in Waterbury, Vermont during a snowstorm on November 23, 2011
Our new integrated snowboard on the back deck collecting snow during a November snowstorm

Data from our period of observational record indicates that our location typically receives about 50 snowstorms a season, with an average of roughly 160 inches of snowfall. A table summarizing some of the data and statistics for each season is shown below:

A table showing winter weather data and statistics from our house in Waterbury, VT including total season snowfall, largest snowstorm, deepest snowpack, first snowfall, last snowfall, length of snowfall season and snow depth days.
Our table showing some of the winter weather data and statistics that we track at our site in Waterbury, VT

Full narrative summaries for each winter season can be easily accessed through the links in the list below. The links will bring you to specific season summaries or the start of the chronological list of weather and ski trip reports from that winter season. Through the links you’ll find access to detailed accounts and observations from the hundreds of snowstorms that have hit our location since we started recording weather data:

An image of Vermont and the surrounding area highlighting the location of J&E Productions in Waterbury
Snow is collected and weather observations are made from our house in Waterbury, Vermont.

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During the winter season we can monitor snowfall remotely using a web cam on our back deck, and you can use the link below to connect to it for following snowfall in our area:

J&E Productions’ Web Cam

How are things going this season? Below you’ll find the running list of this season’s storms, numbered chronologically from the start of the season with storm dates and storm snowfall totals. Details for each storm can be found on the main page at the J&E Productions website and in the New England forum at American Weather.

An image showing the running list of this seasons snowstorms at our site in Waterbury, Vermont, with a numbered chronological list of snowstorms containing storm dates and storm total snowfall
The running list of this season’s snowstorms affecting our site in Waterbury, Vermont

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