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Listed below are additional web logs and other sites with extensive coverage of skiing throughout Northeastern United States and surrounding regions, but also some including the Western United States, Canada, and beyond:

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  1. Just wanted to say i have been following your posts for a few years and just love the reports. IM an avid snowboarder and spend a lot fo time up in Stowe with my ten year old son exploring many of the areas you write about. Ive been riding stowe for many years and now enjoy the experience of passing it along with respect to the next generation.

    Again, thanks!

    1. Thanks for stopping in Giulio, we really enjoy Stowe and the opportunity to get out there with the boys. The big storm we just had over the past couple of days is going to make things even better, so we’re excited for the coming weekend.

      1. J,

        Peter and I will likely be back up at stowe this weekend. Last sunday we had an epic day and played along the kitchen wall , haselton and even bagged the pipeline.

        The one spot i haven’t explored recently is angel food and saw your report from last sunday. Would you mind directing us to the entry? We often do the woods just left of chin clip ( i think they call them mini boos) but we have yet to explore Angel Food and it looks amazing!

        Any help appreciated and we would love to connect with your group if you are on the hill sunday……

        Thanks you and i love your reports ..


        1. Hi Giulio – if you are hitting the woods off to the skier’s left of Chin Clip, you’re already getting into the Angel Food zone anyway – just keep going on that main top traverse that begins at the top of Chin Clip proper. You’ll eventually come to an actual “Angel Food” sign and see that there’s a more pronounced area of terrain with a bit more traffic. But, it’s possible to ski most everything out there anyway; some of the stuff closer to Chin Clip is what we can “Bench Woods”, and then there’s Angel Food, and you can keep going on the traverse to the “Outer Planets” etc. You can either traverse back to the bottom of Chin Clip like you’ve probably done from Bench Woods, or continue on down and make the trek back on Route 108.

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