During the winter season, we update our website frequently with reports on Vermont winter weather and skiing.  If you find this material interesting, and would like to follow the updates, there are a number of ways to do it:

Twitter IconThe online social networking service known as Twitter allows people to send short (140 character) text-based messages (tweets) to each other.  If you sign up with Twitter, you can “follow” the tweets of friends, family, organizations, or whomever.  You can see these messages if you log onto the Twitter website, or simply have them delivered instantly to any mobile device (smart phone, tablet, etc.).  If you are a Twitter user and you want to follow J&E Productions there (@J_Eproductions), you’ll get a Twitter message to alert you each time we post a new report.

Tumblr IconMuch like Twitter, Tumblr allows you to “follow” people or organizations that interest you, and on your Tumblr home page you’ll get a stream of their posts.  However, in Tumblr you can post images and it looks a bit more like a web log.  If you are a Tumblr user and you want to follow J&E Productions there, we’re at

Facebook IconEach time we publish a report on our J&E Productions web page, a post is made on our Facebook page.  If you are a Facebook user and would like to follow our reports in this manner, just make sure to adjust your settings appropriately to enable our messages to get to you.

Path IconThe Path application is a more private type of social networking service that people typically use to share and connect with close friends and family (there is a limit of 150 “friends”).  People often use it as a personal journal, and there’s a mobile app for iPhone or Android that allows them to follow along with the events taking place in their circle.  As with the other services above, alerts for our ski trip reports will be automatically added to our Path web log.

Email IconFor those that like to use Email, they’ve now got the option to receive an Email alert each time we add an updated report to the web page.  Just go to our J&E Productions home page and on the left sidebar you’ll see a place to enter your email and get the alerts going.

RSS IconAn RSS feed is essentially a long scrolling web page that has our web log reports listed in reverse chronological order:
One easy way of subscribing to the “feed” is to use the little orange button  () that appears at the top of your web browser.  Subscribing to a feed in this way doesn’t actually send anything to you, but it adds our RSS feed to the list of those that you are monitoring.  People use these feeds to keep up on websites that interest them, sort of like having all their newspapers in one place.  You’ll note that along with your “favorites” in your internet browser, there is typically another tab for “RSS feeds”.  You can get to and read all your RSS feeds there, or you can even use a separate “RSS feed reader” program if you’re really serious about your RSS feeds.

Finally, for those who are into social media sharing, it’s now easier to pass along any of our reports to friends that might find them interesting as well.  At the end of each post on our web page you’ll find a “Share” button – click it, and you can easily inform friends about the report via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Digg, Pocket, Reddit, etc.

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    1. Thanks, hope you guys are enjoying your weather down there as well – spring is getting here gradually, which is nice in terms of not melting all the snow too quickly!

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