Snowfall Measurement

We rigorously monitor snowfall all winter long from our house in Waterbury, Vermont, by collecting snow on one primary elevated snowboard, and additional snowboards distributed around our property.  We measure the snow depth using a variety of tools such as snow stakes, rulers, yardsticks, and even a calibrated ski pole for when we’re out on the ski slopes or in the backcountry.  To learn the details of the techniques we use to make these measurements, visit our snowfall measurement page:


Below we’ve got a gallery of our many snow measurement devices in action, have a look at the many faces of snow measurement!

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  1. Great site! Love your numerous snow measuring methods! I need to come to Waterbury VT in the next 60 days – the sooner the better. I was wondering how much snow you will have on the ground after Storm Quinn is done? Also I was wondering when your ground typically thaws in Waterbury? I need to do some work that involves digging several 1 foot deep holes and I can’t find any useful info on the internet. Is it possible for you to send me a uick email? Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Laura, it’s hard to say exactly how much snow will be on the ground in the coming days because we’ve got a big mountain upslope snow even taking place right now, and it looks like it could last for a few days. I don’t specifically monitor when the ground thaws here at my site, but it can certainly vary a bit between open fields and more wooded areas here in Waterbury. I do have information on the average date for the final snow to melt out here at our location (April 14th ± 11 days), and I would expect the ground to be thawed by that point for similar locations at valley level in Waterbury.

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