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Each winter we meticulously document aspects of the winter weather such as snowfall and snowpack at our house in Waterbury, Vermont.  From all these data, we produce charts for easy visualization of what went on in Northern Vermont during the winter.  At our winter weather summary page, you’ll find a list of the storms and snow totals for the most recent winter season, a chart comparing winter weather attributes for all the seasons that we’ve been monitoring since 2006, as well as links to our detailed reports with charts and graphs for specific seasons dating back to that point.  We also provide the current temperatures and weather for a few local sites thanks to Weather Underground, and some links to local weather resources  If you enjoy digesting winter weather data, click below and see what’s available:



3 Replies to “Winter Weather Summary Page”

  1. Hey J… Headed up to the north country next week. What’s the state of the snow pack in the higher elevation woods of stowe?

    Love your site!


    1. Hi Giulio – the Mt Mansfield stake is currently at 22 inches (as of Feb 10, but it will go up when the report comes in today), so that’s what the snowpack is like in the higher elevations of Stowe’s ski terrain. Fortunately, they’ve had 9 inches this week and some more is on the way through the weekend. This new snow will soften up the off piste terrain, so we’ll be back to having skiable coverage for those low and moderate-angle woods, but not the steepest off piste terrain yet. If we get a big enough storm next week that would likely get everything in play; there’s a potential storm out there, but we’ll have to see how it tracks.

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