Sugarbush, VT 22APR2011

Picture of Sugarbush's Clay Brook complex and trails
A view of the Clay Brook silo-style structure with some of the Lincoln Peak trails in the background

The forecast called for sun and spring temperatures today, and Mother Nature delivered just that, so I headed to Sugarbush with the boys for some spring turns.  It was our first day of skiing away from Stowe and Bolton this season, and thus our first day actually buying real lift tickets.  Fortunately, spring ticket specials are in effect throughout the area, making things more affordable; Sugarbush has a two for one offer on their already reduced spring rate if you bring your season’s pass from another ski area, so the boys and I skied for $59 total, which was pretty economical.  It was an excellent afternoon on the slopes with the boys, with lots of snow and sun, and then we stopped in at Timbers for some après ski snacks.  For the full details and pictures, click through to my April 22nd Sugarbush report.

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  1. wow, still a lot of snow in the Greens at that point in time. I’m sure the recent heavy rains have eroded much of that.

    1. I haven’t been down to Sugarbush since that outing, but from Powderfreak’s report about their May 1 free day the following weekend, it sounds like the snow cover was still decent, although not as much as what Stowe had at that point. It would be interesting to know what the current cover is like in the summit area of Mt. Ellen; it’s so high up there that FIS usually has good coverage well into the spring.

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