High water on the Winooski at the VAST snowmobile bridge

Image of high water on the Winooski
Melting snow from warm temperatures caused the Winooski to rise today - our local VAST snowmobile bridge was basically floating on the river.

With the recent warm temperatures melting some of the snowpack, the Winooski was quite high today, so I’ve added a couple of pictures of our local VAST snowmobile bridge.  The bridge was refurbished in the fall, and from the pictures one can see that the boards are still pretty light in color.  Normally the bridge is 5 to 10 feet above the river, so that provides a sense of the rise of the water level due to the melting snow, and with the fields off to the south taken over by water (visible in the background) the Winooski was several times its normal width. 

Close up image of the VAST snowmobile bridge at high water
A close up view of the south side of the VAST bridge and the flooded fields beyond

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