November snows starting to accumulate in Vermont

An image of November snow on the trees and ground up at Bolton Valley Resort in Vermont
A couple inches of snow greeted us on our Bolton Valley hike up at the 2,500′ elevation.

Just last week we had our first snows of November in Northern Vermont – Ty and I found that areas above 2,000’ still had snow when we were up at Bolton Valley last Sunday.  We got another round of snow yesterday, and this one was substantial enough that along with the mountains, many valleys got a coating as well.  We even picked up our first accumulation for the month at our house in Waterbury.  Today we were up at Bolton Valley picking up the rest of our season’s passes, and there was plenty of snow in the higher elevations.  The snow first appeared just above the base of Timberline at around the 1,600’ – 1,700’ elevation range, and by the time we were up around 2,500’ there was quite a solid coating of a couple inches.  The boys had fun making snowballs, and we had a great November hike.

An image of Dylan with a November snowball up at Bolton Valley Resort in Vermont
Dylan and a nice big snowball he rolled in the recent snow up at Bolton Valley

An image of Ty rolling a snowball at Bolton Valley Resort in Vermont after a November snowfall

More details on the storm associated with this snow can be found in the detailed report at the winter weather section of our website.

3 Replies to “November snows starting to accumulate in Vermont”

    1. Yes indeed Harv, it’s nice to see the snow starting to hang around a bit more each episode. Even though it doesn’t look like this will be the start of the winter snowpack based on the forecast for the next few days, it’s only a matter of time for the mountains. It was amazing how much colder it was up there yesterday – temperatures were in the 30s F up above 2,000′, and we were still around 50 F down at the house when we got back. Our next weather system is coming in during the early part of the week – it doesn’t look like there will be any snow with the system at this point, but temperatures cool for the middle and late part of the week.

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